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Respite Care

Respite Services IconWhen a life-limiting illness strikes a loved one, family members are more than willing to step up and be the caregiver. Your dedication to the care of your mom, dad or spouse is admirable. We share your devotion to putting FAMILY FIRST.

Still, as caregivers, you need to get enough rest, maintain regular mealtime schedules and not to mention your day job and multiple errands to run. We know it can get overwhelming at times which is why our Respite Care staff will be there to assist you.

Solace Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. offers services that enable family caregivers to take a break from hospice care duties. You can rest, go to the grocery store, run immediate errands or even take a night off to regain your strength. In order to take care of your loved one more effectively and for a longer period of time, you need to take care of yourself too.

Rest assured that while you take your break, Solace Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. is capably providing the quality care to the patient.

  • Overnight Respite Care
  • Weekend Respite
  • Safety Supervision
  • Scheduled Respite Care and On-the-Spot Respite Care
  • Day-Time Respite Care

Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care IconSolace Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. offers personal care and health supervision for patients who are still confined in the hospital or nursing care facility. We keep them company, play cards or board games and watch movie marathons to while away the time.

Inpatient Care is also necessary to ensure that the patient has someone to call in case of an emergency. The Hospital Sitter or Caregiver can then inform the family members, the nurse on duty or the attending physician about the health status of the patient.

Our staff will provide one-on-one dedicated care and attention during your loved one’s confinement in a hospice care facility or the hospital. 

How is Hospice Care Started?

Help is only one phone call away. The attending physician, patient, family member, friends, clergy, social workers, hospital discharge planner, or any person concerned with a patient’s well-being can make a referral. If you call us, we will contact the patient’s physician for approval. Services will be started immediately. 

To request for this type of assistance, please call Solace Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. at  847-250-5036. Or set up an Appointment. 

What is Hospice & Palliative Care?

Hospice is a program of Health Care & services designated to meet the needs of patients & their loved ones, when the patient is diagnosed with a disease for which they do not elect aggressive treatment.

Palliative Care is a medical specialty which focuses more broadly on relieving suffering, improving life & providing comfort to people of all ages with serious, chronic & life–threatening illnesses.

What Are The 5 Forms of Palliative Care?

  • Medication
  • Nutritional changes
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Support for family members

What Are The Goals of Hospice Care?

  • Caring for the whole person, not just the disease
  • Addressing the person's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs
  • Focusing on you and your family
  • Providing the best possible quality of life for whatever time remains

What Are The Advantages of Hospice Care?

In addition to pain and symptom management, hospice care benefits include a variety of support services for patients and their families

  • Educational, emotional, and spiritual support
  • Help with financial issues
  • Help with patient's personal care and hygiene
  • Respite care to give a family caregiver a break

Who is Eligible for Hospice Care?

Recipient of Services:

  • Patients that live within our geographical boundaries
  • Have a life–limiting illness & seek medical, spiritual, psychological & personal support
  • Have a Primary Care Physician

The Hospice Circle of Care

The Hospice Circle of Care depicts the holistic continuum of care rendered by hospice professionals and trained volunteers working together as a team to assess and meet the patient’s and family’s unique needs as the end of life draws near.

Medical Director

  • Co-certify the terminal prognosis with the attending physician
  • Lead the interdisciplinary team in the development of the plan of care
  • Provide consultation to other Physician regarding Hospice Care

Attending Physician

  • Certify the terminal prognosis
  • Assess patient’s needs, symptoms & treatment
  • Direct and approve the plan of care
  • Coordinate care with interdisciplinary team

Social Worker

  • Assess patient’s & family’s emotional, social, spiritual & financial needs
  • Develop a plan of care to meet identified needs
  • Provide direct counseling or refer patient & family to appropriate community agencies
  • Provide bereavement support


  • Assess patient’s & family’s spiritual needs
  • Develop a plan of care to meet identified needs
  • Provide direct counseling
  • Assist with memorial preparations
  • Provide consultations to community clergy


  • Provide companionship & support to patient & family
  • Provide needed nonmedical services, letter writing, errands & respite time for family
  • Provide support at time of death & during bereavement

Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Provide direct personal care to patient
  • Provide comfort measures & report identified needs to RN Case manager
  • Provide emotional support to patient and family

Registered Nurse

  • Assess patient and family needs
  • Develop the plan of care to meet identified needs
  • Coordinate team visits & ensure implementation of approved plan of care
  • Coordinate care with attending physician, primary care giver, and/or
  • Agency Staff
  • Ensure symptom control & pain management
  • Provide patient/family teaching as needed